Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Is Sagamore open year-round?                                                                                                  A:  Great Camp Sagamore is open for public tours from May 26th to October 8th.  We also offer multi-day programming from May to October.

Q:  Can we stop by and tour Sagamore on our own?                                                                         A:  Guided tours are required.  Due to our unique status as a National Historic Landmark and a residential facility, tours of Great Camp Sagamore must be with a Sagamore Historic Interpreter as your guide.  Tours are approximately two hours long and are offered at set times during the season. Click here for more info. 

Q: Can I stay here?
A: Yes!  Guests can stay overnight while participating in one of our programs, which range from weekends to week long stays, from optional activities to carefully planned programming.

Q: What does All-Inclusive Cover?
A: Most stays at Sagamore are All-Inclusive, which covers lodging for the duration of the program, all meals, all program-related materials and instruction, and optional activities.  Unless otherwise noted, "All-Inclusive" does not include alcohol or transportation.  Internet access is only available in designated locations.

Q: Can I use my credit card at Sagamore?                                                                                      A:  Yes!  The Office and Gift Shop accept all major credit cards.

Q: Is the Great Camp Sagamore tour accessible for those with physical disabilities?                    A: Great Camp Sagamore is a National Historic Landmark built in 1897 that has limited physical accessibility for visitors with disabilities. Our daily tour lasts two hours and goes throughout the campus on paths of mixed surfaces with some irregular features such as the occasional root or stone. We strive to make the experience accessible for all and will work with anyone who requests assistance. Some of the things that we can provide are physical assistance in moving through the site, alternative schedules for those with limited endurance and reduced admission fees. That said, some of our buildings are not easily accessible to those who cannot negotiate stairs or non-standard doorways. For the best experience we recommend that you call in advance of your tour and work with the staff to plan an experience that meets your needs within the limitations of the site. 

Q: Can I bring my pet with me to Sagamore?
A: Sorry, but no.  Except for service animals, pets are not permitted on the property.

Q:   Is food available?
 A:  All meals for program participants and other residential guests are included in your overnight accommodations fees.  Our meals are delicious; however, with the exception of special events, you must be a registered guest to eat in our Dining Hall.  For the convenience of tour guests, the cafe located in the chalet (where tickets are purchased), offers beverages and a variety of snacks.

Q: Do I pay extra for Sagamore activities?                                                                                        A: All in-camp activities are included in Sagamore's program fees.  Some groups do wish to include optional in-camp activities -- music, storytelling, or educational lectures -- or excursions to nearby attractions, such as a narrated lunch or dinner cruise on Raquette Lake.  Sagamore has wonderful contacts in these areas, and our staff is happy to help you with integrating these activities into your schedule.                                                                                                                                            

Q:  Do you have a gift shop?                                                                                                                A:  Yes, we offer many items including warm sweatshirts for chilly evenings, t-shirts and excellent reading material for all age levels as well as Sagamore memorabilia. 

Q: Do you have an ATM machine?                                                                                                     A:  No; however, if you need an ATM machine while staying at Sagamore, there are two located in nearby Raquette Lake. 

Q: Should I bring my own bottled water?                                                                                      A: No - Sagamore's drinking water is excellent.  We do recommend bringing your own water container for refilling for hiking or other camp excursions. 

Q: Do you offer a military discount?                                                                                              A: Yes, Sagamore welcomes active military personnel with a 10% discount; please let us know when making a reservation.  Guided tours are also offered at a discounted rate for active military personnel.

Q: Is the Adult rate and Child rate the same?                                                                                    A:  Depending on the program, typically the fee for youth under the age of 12 is 50% the Adult rate.  Please call the Registrar for program details or questions on reserving Sagamore for your family. 315-354-5311

Q:   Where do guests sleep and dine?                                                                                                A: Sagamore houses guests in several historic buildings, all only a few steps from Sagamore Lake.
The dining hall is in a separate building as are all meeting rooms/classrooms. The furthest lodge is approximately 700 feet from the dining hall up a hill with a small grade. Guests must be able to climb stairs because all the bedrooms and classrooms are in buildings that have stair access.

Q: What are overnight lodging rooms like?                                                                                      A: Most rooms are double occupancy with twin beds; a few have more than two beds and we try to house families together in triple or quads.  Rooms share bathrooms in the hallway. Approximately 4-6 people share a bathroom. You may make housing requests (ie. rooming with or next to friends) by contacting the registrar in advance of your arrival. We cannot guarantee any particular room, but we will try our best to make you as comfortable as possible in our rustic setting.

Q:  Do you have laundry facilities?                                                                                                    A: Sagamore does not have guest laundry facilities; however, if you drive to the Town of Raquette Lake (4 miles) you will find a public Laundromat.

Q: How can I contact my family & friends, do you have telephones in rooms?                           

A: There is no cellular phone service at Sagamore and there are no telephones in any of the rooms.  Guests are encouraged to bring prepaid calling cards with them. There are three phones in camp that guests may use to make outgoing calls.

Q: How can my family & friends contact me while at camp?                                                           A: Between the hours of 9am-6pm.  Family & friends may leave messages for guests via the office at (315) 354-5311 ext. 1021. Messages are placed on a public phone message board in the hallway near the office for guests to retrieve on their own. Only in the event of an emergency will office personnel locate a guest to take a phone call.  
Between the hours of 6pm - 9am.  For Emergency Calls ONLY, a staff member will find a guest to take a phone call.  

Q. Does Sagamore have Internet access?

A: Limited Wi-Fi internet access is available in a couple of buildings for those who bring their own electronic devices. One guest computer is available for internet access. Guests are encouraged to use the internet during non-business hours.

Q: Do you accommodate special dietary needs?                                                                                A: If you have special dietary needs please notify us during the registration process. We will do our best to accommodate your request, although because of our remote location we may not be able to meet all needs. Please note that we do not have separate food preparation areas to cook allergen friendly items. It is possible for allergens to be introduced before food is provided to us or during the cooking and serving process. 


The Town of Raquette Lake has volunteer ambulance and fire departments. The nearest pharmacy is located in Old Forge, approximately 30 miles away. The nearest hospital is St. Elizabeth's in Utica, NY  (79 miles away) and there is an urgent health care center in Warrensburg, NY (65 miles away).