Phone: 315-354-5311


Address: 1105 Sagamore Road, Raquette Lake, NY 13436

Map and Directions:


Sagamore is in the heart of the Adirondacks.  There is no public transportation to Sagamore.  Amtrak serves Albany (Rensselaer), Saratoga, and Utica.  The nearest public airports are located in Syracuse and Albany.  Bus service reaches Warrensburg, NY.  Limousine service is available from the airports in Syracuse and Albany. 

Registered Guests: Four miles down the dirt road, you will reach a signed "Y" in the road.  Take a left and follow the sign for “Registered Guests”.  When you arrive at Sagamore, you should find the gate closed.  Please open it, enter, and close it again for your own privacy.  Drive up the hill to the parking lot.  Park your car and follow the gravel pathway and signs for the Collins Building, and enter the door labeled “Office.”

Tour Guests: Four miles down the dirt road, you will reach a signed "Y" in the road. Take a right and follow the sign for "Tour Guests."  This will take you over a bridge and up a short hill. The parking lot is to the right. Please park your car here, and then walk to the Chalet for ticket sales, our gift shop and snack shop.

For Buses
All buses should follow the sign for "Tour Guests." (Do not drive over the "Register Guest" bridge - it cannot accommodate buses.) You will cross a bridge and go up a small hill. Take a left after the first red/brown building on your left. There is a gate across the road which can be opened if a staff member is not awaiting you. Beyond the gate, past the woodshed to the left is a handicapped parking area. Please back into this space. At that point, passengers may disembark. The bus may remain here until the end of the tour.