We are proud to partner with others organizations to create relevant, exciting and memorable programs or to continue to develop and maintain the buildings and grounds of our National Historic Landmark. 

 New York State Council on the Arts (https://www.arts.ny.gov/)
For over forty years Sagamore has partnered with the New York State Council on the Arts to produce programs that celebrate and preserve the Adirondack regions traditional cultures. From folk songs to pack baskets, you can learn about all the elements of the Adirondack experience by visiting Sagamore.

Adirondack Architectural Guide (http://adirondackarchitectureguide.com/)
Great Camp Sagamore is pleased to partner with noted preservation architect Janet Null on The Adirondack Architecture Guide. The guide documents the complete architectural history of the Adirondacks from roadside motor court motels to Great Camps like Sagamore. This project will eventually grow to a multi-volume set of published field guides sized to carry in your car's glovebox. 

Adirondack Mountain Club (www.adk.org)                                                                                    The Adirondack Mountain Club (ADK) is dedicated to the conservation, preservation, and responsible recreational use of the New York State Forest Preserve and other parks, wild lands, and waters vital to its members and chapters. ADK encourages the involvement of all people in its mission and activities; its goal is to be a community that is comfortable, inviting, and accessible. We greatly appreciate the volunteer trail work ADK does for Sagamore each spring, helping us to maintain the dozens of Forest Preserve trails that surround camp.

Adventures in Good Company (www.adventuresingoodcompany.com)                                              Adventures in Good Company offers traveling opportunities for women who want to experience adventures in nature with fellow outdoor enthusiasts. With professional guides leading the expeditions, they offer programs around the world, and have chosen Great Camp Sagamore as one of their destinations!

Creative Healing Connections (www.creativehealingconnections.org) 
Creative Healing Connections offers retreats for people who are in need of opportunities to heal. They provide guided, creative activities that encourage self expression for, new awareness of and reconnection with one's healthy self.  CHC has been developing their unique blend of therapeutic arts and self-expression activities for over eighteen years. We welcome them annually for our Arts and Healing weekend at Great Camp Sagamore.

Raquette Lake Navigation (http://www.raquettelakenavigation.com/)  
Raquette Lake Navigation Company is a family owned and operated tour company that offers lake cruises on the W.W. Durant. Their cruises are known for their in-depth knowledge of the region's history, delicious food and the beautifully built and maintained Durant. Raquette Lake Navigation offers a variety of cruises and tour options for out of town visitors and locals alike. 

Road Scholar (www.roadscholar.org)
For over 40 years, Sagamore has partnered with the educational travel organization, Road Scholar, to offer a series of unique, educational and fun experiences for individuals and families! Road Scholar programs at Sagamore are as varied as Grandparent/Grandchild camp to painting and traditional music workshops. Reservations are made through the Road Scholar website listed above. 

New York State Art Teachers Association (www.nysata.org)
Now in its 25th year, NYSATA's Summer Institute offers over 50 hours of hands-on art exploration based on the New York State Learning Standards.  Special effort is made to infuse the natural sciences, social studies/geography of NYS, music, math and English language arts into the visual arts offerings as encouraged by the Common Core Learning Standards.  Sagamore provides an ideal location for this special restorative workshop, where field excursions, studio time, plein-air painting, and onsite Adirondack art all add to the richness of the program content. 

Tom Dwyer Photography (www.tomdwyerphoto.com)                                                                      Professional photographer Tom Dwyer employ a singular format designed to be effective regardless of the experience level of each participant. Regardless of what we know about photography, being at the right place, at the right time is critical Tom offers annual summer and fall photography workshops at Sagamore.