Great Camp Sagamore is managed by a combination of full-time and seasonal staff with oversight from a Board of Trustees.  Dedicated term-limited Trustees may remain as Emeriti.  Sagamore is also supported by dozens of committed volunteers who make the work of the camp possible.

Photo credit: Susan Gatti

Board of Trustees

  • Matthew Melewski (Chair)

  • Eva Rodriguez-Greguski (Vice Chair)

  • Richard Comstock (Treasurer)

  • Martin Daley (Secretary)

  • Wanda Burch

  • Gail Doering

  • Vivian Falco

  • Andrew Gillcrist

  • Peter Goutos

  • Len Gray

  • Dan Mullane

  • Steve Sayer

  • Cheryl Smith

  • Doug Stinson

  • Johanna Torkelson



  • Dan Berggren

  • Beverly Bridger

  • Linda Cohen

  • Gary Delemeester

  • Barbara Glaser

  • Marion Goethals

  • Bill Locke

  • Christine Swann

  • Rich Torkelson

  • Alfred G. Vanderbilt