Great Camp Sagamore is recruiting paid interns for its 2019 season.  Interns specialize in one of the following areas:

  • Outdoor Programming and Environmental Interpretation
    Sagamore is surrounded by thousands of acres of undeveloped wilderness that serve as the setting for our outdoor programs. Interns will lead wilderness and canoe excursions, develop family activities and participate in our famous grandparent-grandchild programs.

  • Historic Interpretation of Sagamore's Buildings and Grounds
    Interns lead public tours that explain the purpose of Sagamore's 27 buildings and convey the camp's role in Adirondack and American history, couching that understanding in context for modern audiences. They also conduct research that links the site's history to its programming.

  • Event Planning and Administrative Support
    This person provides ongoing contact with our guests and patrons. They record reservation data, process payments, and assist with financial reports. Event planning includes assisting with our annual gala, as well as private events like weddings and reunions. The intern assists with marketing projects such as email newsletters and website updates, and stepping up our social media presence.

  • Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management
    Sagamore maintains a clean environment and is committed to serving fresh, healthy, imaginative meals that reflect the camp's and the region's culinary traditions. Interns work with chefs and kitchen staff in a collaborative setting. They should have prior knowledge of food preparation, safe food handling practices and have an excellent work ethic.


HOW TO APPLY: Send cover letter, resume, and list of three references to: employment@greatcampsagamore.org 


"Interning at Great Camp Sagamore provides a plethora of once in a lifetime opportunities. You can do anything from simply living in a bucolic setting, enjoying unique outdoor recreation, exploring a region unlike any other, and making friendships that will last a lifetime. Sagamore is truly a wonderful place that feels like home from the moment you walk in. Once you leave, your heart will always hang a little heavier as you reminisce about the memories made there. This is a place that has so much to offer in terms of personal, educational, and professional development. Personally, I can’t wait to go back there someday."

- Maxwell Nosbisch, 2017 Intern, Historic Interpretation